The Lead Neuroimaging Suite is a set of tools that focus on combining advanced neuroimaging tools into an integrated neuroimaging software pipeline. The tools are distributed in a joint Matlab repository and are made to flawlessly work with each other.

The two main software tools within the suite, Lead-DBS and Lead-Connectome, each have separate websites which provide more detailed information.

Lead-DBS is a software tool to precisely localize Deep Brain Stimulation electrodes based on postoperative imaging data. It seamlessly works with Lead-Connectome to use connectomic features within a connectomic surgery framework.

Lead-Connectome is a fully functional connectomic processing pipeline. With three modern fiber tracking algorithms and state-of-the art resting-state fMRI processing and modern nonlinear warping algorithms, it allows for structural-functional connectomic (whole-brain connectivity) anylses.